Something Spicy Just For You

If you like your food spicy and with a kick, then you have arrived at the right place but instead of tacos we will be serving up domains at hot prices!

Domain Registrations

Get yourself one today.

Your domain is your identity on the internet so we recommend selecting a domain wisely. As a rule of thumb, it has to be something easy to remember or should reflect your business so that people can find you with ease online.

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European Domains

Show your pride of being European.

We are your choice for European wide domain name registrations, with Spices Domains providing complete coverage of European ccTLD domain names including .eu .de .nl .be .es .uk .it .se .ch .pl .at and more member states.

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Country Code Domains

Let everyone know where you are from.

The country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs) are designed to represent websites from specific countries. These TLDs give websites a local feel and help boost their rankings on country-specific search results pages.

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Domain Info Protection

Protect yourself and your data.

When you register domain names, you must provide personal information for the domain name owner and this info needs to be publicly available. However, there is a way to make sure your private details remain protected.

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SSL Certificates

Your website will be trusted and secure.

An SSL certificate adds an valuable safety coating for your web site. If you are the owner of a web shop and collect funds, then an SSL Certificate is required since it will raise the customer's trust in your site.

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Domain Manager

Update name servers, make subdomains, and more.

In the Control Panel you'll find a domain name manager to easily create subdomains, forward web sites, alter the name servers and the WHOIS data associated with a domain, set custom DNS entries and more.

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Domain Promotions

Ridiculously low-priced domain deals.

Spices Domains wants to be your domain registrar and to assist you, from time-to-time, we offer great discounts on domain names that are sure to make registering a domain that much easier.

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